Founder & CEO – Cinebrainniac

The Cinebrainniac is a global Cinematic Expert and a Harvard Certified Entrepreneur with  over 200 doctored movies under her belt. Her expertise is script doctoring. Her background is in World Music and Cinema. Musically and Cinematically, she has worked with many international artists and superstars. She worked with Prince on his “Musicology” album and also worked with Michael Jackson on his “Invincible” album. She is also a poet and has ghostwritten several lyrics for various artists.

CFO – Royal Vincent

Ms. Vincent has over 20 years of expertise in global business and financial management with the World Bank. Her knowledge is in international policy and NGO funding.

Executive Director- Calla Kennedy

Ms. Kennedy has over 14 years of experience in global business and politics. She is the Executive Director of International Affairs and has more than a decade of experience working with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Director of Cultural Affairs- Nicolas Mason

Mr. Mason’s expertise is in international relations. He works with UNESCO’s Culture and Development sector to emphasize the integration of the principles of cultural diversity and the values of cultural pluralism into public policies, mechanisms, and practices through all aspects of global businesses and partnerships.

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