World Movie Awards Australia is a division of the World Movie Awards Organization (WMAs).

WMAs Australia promotes the safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) and honors professional excellence in cinema.

The continent of Australia has diverse tribes and cultures. Before the cinematic era, our indigenous ancestors narrated our stories and preserved our traditions and customs for our generation. Today, we can do the same thing and safeguard our cultural heritage in our films to foster our communities, contribute to individual well-being, promote human rights, and encourage sustainable development in our region.

WMAs Australia aims to help people to understand the essence of safeguarding our cultural heritage for the next generation. Our identity is in connection with our traditional beliefs and cultural heritage.
Globalization has put Intangible Cultural Heritage at risk of disappearing. Using our platform, we shall educate and promote Intangible Cultural Heritage to encourage Australians to safeguard our cultural heritage proudly.

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